Applications for the Vickersil® coating



  • Reduction of rejects related to the black specks, brown traces and agglomerates
  • Reduced cleaning frequency
  • Faster color change
  • Possibility of decreasing injection temperature
  • Optimization of speed and time injection
  • Stability of injection parameters
  • Increased lifespan of the elements when filled polymers are used



  • Reduction of the contamination due to stagnation of polymer
  • Stability of the pressure and temperature
  • Lower dynamic pressure
  • Faster color change
  • Surface quality improvement of the extruded product



Mould Injection

  • Facility of release
  • Reduction of mould fouling
  • Reduction of rejects
  • Productivity increase
  • Reduction of maintenance costs due to improved corrosion protection
  • On injected pieces:
    • better surface finish
    • improvement of general properties
    • attenuation of welding lines



Blow Moulding

  • More stable melt flow and better control of extruded volume
  • Faster purging and cleaning operations
  • Faster compounds switch


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