Effects of Vickersil® coating


Black spots arrive later

Vickersil® has a very great passivity towards molten polymers. Therefore the adherence of polymers and elastomers on toolings is highly reduced, there are less residuals generating black spots.

The down-time of the machines for cleaning purposes is reduced and productivity increases.

Example: Appearance of black spots over time


Improved abrasion resistance

When filled polymers are processed, the lifespan of equipment is reduced.

Due to its surface hardness and its passivity towards molten polymers, Vickersil® coating offers a very high resistance to abrasion. 

Example: torpedo for injection molding



Die droll is reduced

Vickersil® coating reduces adherence of polymers on mechanical parts. Flow speed of the polymer is more homogenous, polymer has less shear stress due to velocity gradiants, so die droll is reduced.

Example: cable extrusion


Without coating

The polymer velocity Vp in contact with the die is lower than the polymer velocity in contact with the conductor Vc.

Vc > Vp , polymer is under shear stress, die drool is created on the die and surface finish on the cable is not good.

With Vickersil® coating

The polymer velocity Vp in contact with the die and the guide is nearly identical to the conductor velocity Vc.

Vc ≅ Vp , there is no shear stress in the polymer, die droll effect is reduces and the surface finish on the cable is better.


Parisons are undeformed

When using Vickersil® coating on tooling, polymer flow speed at the inner and outer surfaces of the parison are similar, therefore deformation is limited.

Example: tube extrusion


Better surface finish of the molded parts

The surface quality of a mould has a direct influence on the properties of injected pieces. In a mould coated with Vickersil®, the pieces have an excellent surface finish, as well as much better general properties.

Example: O-ring injected seal

 Surface quality of a steel mold before and after coating


                                Uncoated steel                                                                                         Steel coated with Vickersil®          


 Surface quality of an O-ring injected seal


                             Surface finish of a seal injected                                                     Surface quality of a seal injected

                             into an uncoated mould                                                                  into a mould coated  with Vickersil®                                     



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