Effects of Vickersil® coating


On the polymer flow

Without Vickersil

The polymer velocity Vp in contact with the die is lower than the polymer velocity in contact with the conductor Vc

Vc > Vp : Die drool creation, bad surface finish on the cable

With Vickersil

The polymer velocity Vp in contact with the die and the wire guide is nearly identical to the conductor velocity Vc

Vc = Vp : Reduction of the die drool, better surface finish on the cable


Influence on the surface quality of a steel

The surface quality of a mould has a direct influence on the properties of injected pieces. 
In a mould treated with Vickersil®, the pieces have an excellent surface finish, as well as much better general properties.

Surface quality of a stelle before and after treatment


                                Untreated steel                                                                                         Steel treated with Vickersil®          


Surface quality of an injected seal (o-ring)


                             Surface finish of a seal injected                                                     Surface quality of a seal injected

                                Into an untreated mould                                                           into a mould treated  with Vickersil®                                     


Adherence of polymer on metal

Vickersil® has a very great passivity towards melted polymers.
The adherence of the majority of polymers on screws, valves, and nozzles is strongly reduced. 
In the injection process, mould fouling is decreased, reducing considerably the amount of down-time of the machines for cleaning purposes.
Reduced time for color change.

Cleaning of the pieces

Reduction of cleaning time from 50% to 80%. 
The use of a fluidized bed or pyrolysis furnace may be envisaged for the elimination of polymer residues.
During a short period of time, the Vickersil® coating will resist temperatures up to 600°C.

Transformation stability

Vickersil® permits time stability of pressure, temperature and output.

Corrosion resistance

With a superficial structure closed, the Vickersil® coating offers a protection against high corrosion compared with other chromium coatings.

Abrasion resistance

When filled polymers are processed, the lifespan of equipment is reduced.
Due to its surface hardness and its passivity towards melted polymers, the abrasion resistance of Vickersil® is extremely high. 


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