Vickersil® MW

The Vickersil® MW coating is applied on the plates used for polymers mirror welding. It may be applied on steel, copper or bronze plates.

The Vickersil® MW coating

  • allows a reduction of the mirror welding temperature,
  • avoids threads,
  • allows a reduction of the welding cycles,
  • makes the cleaning of the mirrors easier,
  • the force or contact pressure of the polymer on the mirror may be reduced,
  • the mechanical properties of the welding link (tensile) are improved. 

The coated mirrors have an improved abrasion resistance.

The following polymers may be welded with coated Vickersil ® MW parts:

  • Crastin
  • Hytrel
  • Zytel
  • PE
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • PA6.6
  • Glass Fiber filled compounds, etc…


Example: Mirror welding of tubes


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