Description and Effect of Coating Vickersil MW (Mirror)

The Vickersil® MW Coating is applied on the plaques of mirror welding. It may be applied on steel, copper or bronze welding plaques or disks

The Vickersil® MW coating allows a reduction of the mirror welding temperature, it avoids threads, allows a reduction of the welding cycles, and makes the cleaning of the mirrors easier. The force or the contact pressure of the polymer on the mirror may be reduced and the mechanical properties of the weld seam (tensile) are improved

The coated mirrors have an improved abrasion resistance

The following polymers may be welded with coated Vickersil ® MW disks:

  • Crastin
  • Hytrel
  • Zytel
  • PE
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • PA6.6
  • Glass Fiber filled compounds, etc…


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